The multipurpose hall called "Don Agustin Zapata Gollán" in recognition of one of those men who led the first enterprises in the region, was built in 2002 and is located in close contact with the nature.

The versatility of the space facilitates rapid adaptation to the needs of each of the activities planned for your event:
  • Capacity for 220 people at round tables, 260 for cocktails and 300 in auditorium
  • Parallel structure for higher capacity requirements
  • Air conditioning units to ensure that your event runs under ideal conditions, regardless of the season in which it takes place,
  • Possibility to place additional tensile structures,
  • Child care and valet parking,
  • Restrooms in the same building unit, and additional restrooms in another unit,
  • Cooking grills with hoods, refrigerator and cold storage, high capacity ovens, stove and microwave,
  • Independent entrance for the personnel, allowing the isolation of the activities from the catering service for no attendee to feel disturbed.