• SWISS FEST: Organized by the Swiss Dance Group "Sueños Alpinos" from Cayastá. It has become an exponent of the cuisine and the traditional dances of Swiss immigrants.
  • TOURISM FEST: Organized by the Club Atlético Ciclón Norte from Cayastá, takes place over the third weekend of January and exposes music and food from the region. 


  • “YERRA” FESTIVAL: Organized by the Asociación Conmemorativa de la Primera Yerra, reminds, apart from various countryside tasks, the first cattle marking in the Río de la Plata region, done with a hot iron on the animals´ body.


  • VIRGIN MARY NATIVITY FEST: On September the 8th a feast in honor of the "Nativity of the Virgin Mary" is celebrated. 4 days before this date, prayers are performed in Cayastá neighborhoods and a procession through the streets of the town and through the river is done with the image of the Virgin.


  • CARROT FESTIVAL: Hosted by various educational institutions of the town, this fest celebrates this horticultural production that somehow promotes the agricultural activities throughout the region.
  • DOMA PROVINCIAL FEST: Organized by the Asociación Conmemorativa de la Primera Yerra, reminds, it takes place every year in the proximity to November  the 15th, joining to the celebrations of the founding anniversary of Santa Fe city. In this fest the selection of the riders who will represent Santa Fe province in the Festival Nacional de Doma y Folklore de Jesús María.
  • FOUNDING ANNIVERSARY OF SANTA FE:  Every year at November the 15 th, there is a celebration at the Archaeological Park “Ruinas de Santa Fe la Vieja”, where the city was founded in 1573.