To reach the cottages from the city of Santa Fe, take Provincial Route N° 1, which is the same that leads to Helvecia, San Javier, etc. The cottages are about 80 kilometers from this capital city. Before reaching the resort, you will go through San José del Rincón, Santa Rosa de Calchines and Cayastá town. Cabañas Cayasta is at the right in its properly marked entrance. Also there are many signs that are displayed without problems for both day and night, showing how to find us.


To visit coming from Reconquista city, you must take the National Route N° 11 till Emilia city, where it connects with the Provincial Route N° 62. There you have to go to the east to reach the town of Cayastá.

You can also directly take Provincial Route N° 1, passing Reconquista and passing through Romang, Alejandra, San Javier and Helvecia. Our cottages are before Cayastá town on the left.