Fishing tours 
Cayastá has especially rich fish fauna, among which are the Armado, Boga, Dorado, Moncholo, Patí, Surubí Pintado, Mandubé and Sábalo.

Excursions include boat, specialized guides of the area, fuel, bait, life jackets and fishing equipment.

Duration: half or full day.

Boat Tours

Ideal to appreciate the charm of the islands and streams, discovering our beautiful landscapes.

The boat tours include boat, specialized guides of the area, fuel and life jackets.

Duration: one and a half hour.

Services provided by the companies:
  • Don Eduardo – from Marcos Bianchi
    Tel: +54 (0)342-156147853
  • Fishing Guide Fabian – from Fabian Garabello
    Tel: +54 (0)3405-15483802

Cayastá is linked to the river and gives us good fishing, beautiful scenery and lots of history ... Enjoy what the river and our islands gives to us, valuing and respecting our fish resources and fishing bans.